Oct 20, 2011

DIY Poster Project

I've always said that anyone can draw and if you think you can't, you'd be very surprised how easy it can actually be.

Everyone can draw a circle, right?  Anyone can draw a square?

Well this little project that I found over on poppytalk shows you how to create a poster image sized painting from a smaller sized photograph.

Image: poppytalk

All you need is:
-a photograph
-piece of A4 paper
-large piece of paper 20 x 24 in (try and get thicker paper than normal - it will hold the ink/paint better)
-black ink (or paint)

Sep 1
Choose your photo. Most photos today are from digital cameras so it will be easy to transfer to your computer. If you are using a printed photo you will need to scan it in.

In Photoshop take your colour photo and turned it into a black and white image.
Next, in Photoshop - go to 'filter' - select 'artistic' - select 'cut out'.
If you don't have Photoshop you can use a free online photo editor like picnik.com

Image: poppytalk

Step 2
Print your black and white image onto an A4 size piece of paper.
Next, draw a grid on the A4 print using the pencil and ruler.
1 inch squares will proportion out the image nicely.

Image: poppytalk
Once you have evenly divided up the A4 image, do the same to your blank 20 x 24 inch papersheet.
This time make the spaces 2.5 inches in size.

Important: Try to make the lines as light as possible as this sheet will be your new canvas and you will need to erase these lines after you have finished the painting.

Image: poppytalk
Step 4
Start drawing.
Follow each grid on the photo and how it corresponds to the larger sheet - it's good to look at each image in the grid squares as shapes and not to think too much about the whole picture.

For the more complicated shapes like the eyes you can divide the square to smaller ones - this will help you with the more exact drawing.

Image: poppytalk
Image: poppytalk
Eventually, before you know it, the entire image will be complete.

Image: poppytalk
Step 5
Take the black ink (or paint) and fill in the drawing.
When you're finished painting you can erase all of the pencil grid lines.

Image: poppytalk

You'll wonder why you never thought you could draw in the first place.


  1. Nice job! I love your kid themed art projects.


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