Mar 3, 2011

Tin Can Lantern Project

Image: Factory Direct Craft

Well I don't know about you but to me if feels like Spring is in the air.

I know this because this morning I heard the distance but unmistakable cry of a hibernating lawn mower splutter into life.

It's such a wonderful feeling when Spring comes around again because not only do you get the initial long forgotten sensation of warmth on your face but also you can feel it in your heart.

The prospect of being able to sit outside enjoying your lunch.

Or maybe take an outside table when having an early evening dinner at a restaurant.

And of course there's always the joy of sitting out in the garden at night, sipping away on a glass of wine and chatting about your plans for the summer - which now falls somewhere between August the 4th and August the 6th.

If this sounds like you maybe you might like to try this little project that I found over on Gardeners'

These funky lanterns are easy to make and won't break the bank. Made from metal food cans, protected from the elements with spray paint, they'll last for years to come brightening up any area of your garden. Spray lots of lanterns all the same colour for a simple look, or go for lots of bright colours to create the party mood.

There are a few different ways you can do this.

You can either punch holes in the can with a Hammer and nail or use a electric drill with a 3.5mm drill bit.

Step 1: Pierce holes in the side of the can randomly or form a pattern.

To form a pattern, draw it out on a piece of paper the same size as the can and stick the page to the can.

Step 2: Leave the tin can unpainted or spray-paint it.
(If you decide to spray paint it work outside and spray the cans with car paint.)

Step 3: To make the handle, punch two holes opposite each other just below the rim of the can at the top and attach a length of wire through the sides.
(optional) attach one side of the wire, then thread with coloured beads and fix to the opposite side.

All you have to do now is pop in some tea-lights and they're ready.

One word of advice though. They can get hot so if they are out in your garden, hang them up high where they will be safe and are away from 'tiny' hands.

Saying that, the young ones should be up in bed while you are out back, sipping wine and dreaming of far flung places where the sun shines long and proud and definitely for longer than a weekend (plus bank holiday if lucky)

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