Oct 3, 2013

DIY Wall Sculpture Project

Image: poppy haus
It seems that BBQ season is well and truly over.

You could be forgiven for thinking last week that we were getting a second chance to enjoy some sunshine and warmth before the winter finally set in and we started pulling those big woolly jumpers out from the back of the bedroom cupboard.

The heating went on and in our case a new boiler went in. Any outdoor furniture you have was packed away in the shed along with the BBQ, which went into forced hibernation, much like we will do in a week or two.

If you watch Curb Your Enthusiasm, then you'll be familiar with Larry David's issues with skewers and having to look like an idiot, not knowing what to do with one, when you're finished eating the food from it.

Now I'm sure Larry couldn't care less, or at the very least, probably wouldn't have a huge problem with recycling the used kebab skewers, but until I find another (cleaner) use, you'll have to make do with this post, which relates to what you can do with 'unused' skewers that aren't going to get the hibernation treatment along with the BBQ.

Sep 26, 2013

Lamp Shade Project *Supplemental

This time last year, I was on the hunt for the perfect lampshade

If I may, I'd like to make an addition to that list - if for no other reason than to be able to have a lampshade, currently selling online for a criminal 1000 dollars, and make it for as little as 20 - 30 dollars. 
That's 15 - 20 euro to us.

The Rhododendron Chandelier below is for sale at $998 at Anthropologie. That's right......$998 for a lampshade!

But now you can create your own at a fraction of that cost and all you need is a pendant lamp from IKEA (cost 2.50) and some cupcake paper liners that you can buy on ebay (for approx 10 euro) 

Sep 16, 2013

Biodegradable Bird Feeder Project

Image: Daily Messes
You find yourself walking in the countryside eating a piece of fruit and when you're finished you can see no bins around to get rid of the core or the peel. You think about putting it in your pocket, maybe wrapping it in some old tissue and then you realize - "Hey, I'm in the countryside. This is biodegradable" and you toss it under the nearest tree for some small woodland creature to feast upon. In the absence of said small woodland creature, the fruit will just simply decompose and return nutrients to the earth and support a new generation of growth.

But here's a question. Is this considered littering?

Jun 10, 2013

Flameless Fire Pit Project

Image: Free People BLDG 25 Blog

Camping in this country can be really hit or miss.

I say that, being very much a non-camper and extremely hesitant to relinquish any comforts I've acquired through the years. The idea of sleeping on the ground, surrounded by, what can only be described as a large brightly coloured bag held in place by folding metal poles, does not appeal to me in the slightest.

I know there are many of you who love the outdoors - whether there's wind, rain, sleet or snow (and on the rare occasion - shine) and if I'm really being honest, so do I.
The outdoors can be spectacular and beautiful - especially when looking at it from the coziness of indoors.

May 16, 2013

Ikea Rast Cabinet Hack Project

Image: Patent Pending Projects
Most of us know that IKEA is a great place for furniture that is easy to assemble, it's affordable and it can fit a lot of shapes and spaces but there is a community of people who take it one step further.  IKEA hackers use incredibly simple ideas to modify, repurpose and customize IKEA furniture and give it a personal twist to turn a mass produced item into something that's one of a kind.

Apr 4, 2013

Upcycled Door Project

Image: Babble
When one door closes, another one opens.
Or you can just open the closed door... that's how doors tend to work.

Or is it?

Mar 14, 2013

52 Cardboard Craft Projects

Image: ikatbag

They say when training a toddler, it takes 3 days to make or break a habit.

I'm sure there are many arguments for and against this notion but I'm here to tell you that it works.
Well, at least with my child.  I'm not so entirely sure it works on me.

Most of the time we don't even realise that we are creating bad habits - but we suffer greatly when it comes to breaking them. I constantly hear myself say "I quit smoking two years ago" - but that's mostly when I'm about to light up my third cigarette in a row.

Feb 21, 2013

Play Kitchen Project

Images: Baby Centre
Anytime Jaws is on TV (and I'm able to) - I must sit down and watch it.

With an incredible number of memorable scenes and quotes it's easy to understand why it's in most people's top 10 movie lists.

- The terrifying opening attack.
- The scar contest on the Orca - ‘Mary Ellen Moffit, she broke my heart’.
- The Indianapolis Speech.
- "Here's to swimming with bow-legged women".
- The zoom in/dolly out shot on Chief Brody at the beach.
- Mrs Kintner slapping Brody hard in the face.
- The chalkboard scratch.
- "We're going to need a bigger boat!".

The list could go on and on but there is one scene that will always stand out.

Jan 31, 2013

Instagram Photo Cube Project

Image: Well It's Okay
I've mentioned before that my mother seems to be the only person I know who still prints out photos. What I find even more amazing is, she prints them all from her phone. I haven't printed a photo from my own camera in about 2 years, let alone one from my phone.

All I seem to do now is back them up on to a hard drive whilst foolishly muttering something to myself about 'needing to sort them out.' As Travis Bickle would say, "One of these days I'm gonna get organizized"

Jan 24, 2013

Faux Folksy Chair Project

Image: The Inadvertent Farmer

There is a old wooden chair, comfortable tucked between two wardrobes, in a spare bedroom in my home.  I love that chair very much but - if one out of a hundred people, who enter my home, ever lay their eyes on it, they will be amongst a pocket sized group of very close friends and immediate family.

As sturdy and solid as it is, it will never be a part of our day to day lives but it has attended and participated in significant moments throughout my life.

Jan 10, 2013

Milk Carton Row Boat Project

Image: Lilla A
Everything that is made has a life cycle.

The life cycle of a milk carton begins with a tree. That tree is harvested for wood which is turned into paper. That paper is made into a carton and filled with milk. The milk is brought to a shop where we buy it, empty it out our morning cereal and then the carton is tossed into the bin. Of course that should be a recycling bin, but still.... a somewhat unceremonious end to a serenely grand beginning.

So before you go and drop it into the bin, why not try your hand at some great kids crafts using empty milk cartons.

Jan 7, 2013

DIY Puzzle Block Project

Image: 101 Woonidee├źn
About a year ago, we bought a 4 in 1 jigsaw puzzle (of a famous toy train character) in the vain hope that our 18 month old would show signs of being 'just as clever' as all the other amazing, in your face 18 month olds.

There was a 12 piece, 16 piece, 20 and 24 piece jigsaw.

Just taking the 12 piece jigsaw first and packing away the other 3 for a much later date, we were in for a big shock. Not the kind of shock that entails finding the next Garry Kasparov. Having become bored and unchallenged by a 12 piece jigsaw, our genius offspring would now attempt all 4 jigsaws at once whilst twirling his dummy on a chain in a counter clockwise motion, all the time singing the alphabet...backwards.
Next stop, Mensa.

No, it was not that kind of shock.

Jan 3, 2013

Teapot Birds Nest Project

Image: The Eden Project
There's a common idea that there is no trouble so great or grave, that cannot be diminished with a nice cup of tea. It will warm you if you are cold, cool you if you are hot, cheer you up when feeling down and if you are excited or nervous, it will calm you.

A teapot then, can represent at the same time, the comforts of solitude and the pleasures of company.

When your teapot comes to the end of it's life, as ours did this Christmas, there are a number of ways in which you can repurpose it and give it new life.
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