Oct 3, 2013

DIY Wall Sculpture Project

Image: poppy haus
It seems that BBQ season is well and truly over.

You could be forgiven for thinking last week that we were getting a second chance to enjoy some sunshine and warmth before the winter finally set in and we started pulling those big woolly jumpers out from the back of the bedroom cupboard.

The heating went on and in our case a new boiler went in. Any outdoor furniture you have was packed away in the shed along with the BBQ, which went into forced hibernation, much like we will do in a week or two.

If you watch Curb Your Enthusiasm, then you'll be familiar with Larry David's issues with skewers and having to look like an idiot, not knowing what to do with one, when you're finished eating the food from it.

Now I'm sure Larry couldn't care less, or at the very least, probably wouldn't have a huge problem with recycling the used kebab skewers, but until I find another (cleaner) use, you'll have to make do with this post, which relates to what you can do with 'unused' skewers that aren't going to get the hibernation treatment along with the BBQ.

Much like last weeks post about a DIY focal point for your room, made for a fraction of what it costs to buy, this tutorial from poppy haus, shows you how to create a Danish modern, mid century style sculpture for your walls for as little as $10.

Image: poppy haus
Dwell Studio are currently selling these wall sculptures for almost $200 but you can make your own with some Styrofoam balls (found here or here), bamboo skewers and some spray paint.

Image: poppy haus
- 2 x 2" Styrofoam balls
- 10" Bamboo skewers
- Gold, Black and White spray paint
- Velcro squares

Image: poppy haus
Spray the Styrofoam balls the base colour (either black or white) and spray the skewers gold.

Image: poppy haus
There is a thin seam line on the Styrofoam balls that divide it in half, use this as your starting point.
Insert the skewers around this line and then fill upwards.

Image: poppy haus
Spray paint the centre colour onto the base of the skewers, creating the shading from white or black to gold.

Image: poppy haus
Image: poppy haus
To attach them, sand the back side flat and attach the adhesive Velcro square. Simply pop on the wall.

Image: poppy haus
Image: poppy haus


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