Jan 30, 2011

Spice Rack Project *update

Last week I posted this article about recycling Baby Food Jars.

Well, this weekend I sat down to build the Spice Rack and try to make it as simple as possible to follow so that you might have a go. If you don't have any Baby Food Jars pop out to The Brocante Market or The Dublin Flea Market where I'm sure you'll pick up some nice, small, unusually styled jars.

Anyway, on with it...

Time to Make: About 1-2 Hours

Cost: Between 5 - 10 Euro

The Materials.
Image: Patent Pending Projects

1. 2 Lengths of 14" x 3"
2. 4 Lengths of 8" x 3"
3. Backing Board(or Cardboard)
4. Hammer
5. Nails (about 10 - 15)
6. Wood Glue
7. Craft Knife or Blade (not shown in picture)

(Click on image to make bigger)
Step 1: Put some Glue onto the end of one of the 8" x 3" lengths.
Image: Patent Pending Projects
Nail the 14" x 3" length to it.
Image: Patent Pending Projects
Repeat for all 4 corners.
Image: Patent Pending Projects

Step 2: Place the internal shelves at equal points. Glue and nail to the frame.
Image: Patent Pending Projects

Step 3: Using the Craft knife, cut the Backing Board about 3mm smaller than the frame of your Spice Rack.
Image: Patent Pending Projects

Step 4:(this one is optional)
Holding the Backing Board in place with your hand, turn the frame over and with a pencil draw a rectangle on the inside of each shelf.
Image: Patent Pending Projects
Remove the frame and cover the 3 rectangles with some old wrapping paper or pictures of Food or maybe an old recipe from a cookbook. I used some colourful paper that I found in the House.
Image: Patent Pending Projects

Step 5: Nail the Backing Board (on all 4 corners)to the back of the frame.
Image: Patent Pending Projects

And that's it. All you need to do is fill the jars with you Herbs and Spices and you are all set to get cooking.
Image: Patent Pending Projects

I'm going to put some Labels

on the jars so I don't mix up the spices. You can find a handy template here that allows you to add your own names of Spices.

If all of this looks far too hard to do I have another easier version of a spice rack to make.
This one fits nicely on the inside of a cupboard door. I'll try this one out in a few weeks maybe.


  1. that looks way cool Martin! gonna give it a try. but stupid beginners question- where do you go to for the wood? and can you buy such small lengths or do you have to cut them? E xx

  2. Good question. Rookie mistake on my behalf.

    Your local Homebase, B&Q or Hardware store should have wood supplies. They will cut it for you if you ask.

    I used some old wood from a shelf unit I had. I quite liked the "aged" effect of the shelf but you can achieve that with new wood by just giving it a bash or two with on the concrete and shoving it about in the dirt.

    Take some sandpaper to it as well to soften the look and take away some of the sharp edges.

    Let me know how you get on with it. It's actually really easy to make.

  3. Another great tutorial. I've pinned this and some others to my Pinterest board to share. You are quite creative and I'm getting inspired to try some of your DIY's. Thank you. *smiles*

  4. Thank you, you're very kind. I hope to have a few more of my own projects this year than I did last year. It's just finding the time.

    Thanks for looking in on the blog and pinning on Pinterest (which is such a great site, isn't it?).


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