Jan 24, 2011

CD Case Photo Cube Project

Here's a great little idea.

Kelly Wilkinson, from the craft blog Make Grow Gather, posted this simple "upcycling" project that seems like the perfect Saturday afternoon activity.

Kelly's helpful step-by-step guide on flickr (link broken - see comments for updated links) shows how she dismantled a bunch of old jewel cases and glued them together into a cube.
She printed her images on vellum paper (or tracing paper) so that the candle would produce a soft glow.
Then, using the CD label as a template, she cut her images to fit and inserted them on all sides.
Lastly she finished the whole thing off with a bit of ribbon to hide the edges of the CD cases.


  1. I love this so much! I pinned it weeks ago and it is one of the most repinned things on my boards. Had to include it in my Mother's Day Gift Tutorials post with link to you and your wonderful cd case photo cube tutorial here:


  2. Thanks Reecea, Kind of you to mention me on your site. Have a wonderful Mother's Day.

  3. cant find guide

  4. The person who owns the photos might have removed them.

    Here is some links to a similar idea. Hope that helps.





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