Apr 19, 2012

Cereal Box Notebook Project

I'm constantly finding little scraps of paper in my back pocket with hastily scribbled notes on them.
Anything from shopping lists, phone numbers and silly ideas that pop into my head.

The worst part about this is not really the finding them in my pocket but my more my filing system for them.

Normally, at the end of each day, these scraps end up in a haphazard pile on my bedside locker where my son can, and usually does, find them the following morning and then spends the day depositing them around the house only for my wife to find them stuffed behind pillows, under seats, inside the washing machine and once surprisingly, inside a sandwich.

So, this project manages to achieve 2 of the favourite pastimes in this house. My wife's love of organising and my obsession with reusing cereal boxes.

Image: SCJohnson

The materials you need are:
1. A cereal box  or cracker box or other lightweight product boxes from your recycling bin
2. Scrap paper (you could collect office scrap paper from fax machines/photocopiers)
3. Rubber bands
4. Small pencils (pick up a few free pencils the next time you're in IKEA or Argos)
5. Stapler
6. Scissors

Image: SCJohnson
How to Make:
1. Cut out box sections for covers and paper to 2 inch x 4 inch pieces. 
2. Draw score lines on the cardboard for easier folding by running a straight line down center of the back side with a ball point pen.
3. Fold sets of six paper pieces together in half and line up with the cardboard cover.
4. Slide the stack into the stapler and staple the fold.
5. Fold the notebook in half, add a pencil and secure with a rubber band.

Image: SCJohnson
Nothing could be simpler. Repurposed cereal boxes turned into fun little notebooks.


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