Sep 26, 2013

Lamp Shade Project *Supplemental

This time last year, I was on the hunt for the perfect lampshade

If I may, I'd like to make an addition to that list - if for no other reason than to be able to have a lampshade, currently selling online for a criminal 1000 dollars, and make it for as little as 20 - 30 dollars. 
That's 15 - 20 euro to us.

The Rhododendron Chandelier below is for sale at $998 at Anthropologie. That's right......$998 for a lampshade!

But now you can create your own at a fraction of that cost and all you need is a pendant lamp from IKEA (cost 2.50) and some cupcake paper liners that you can buy on ebay (for approx 10 euro) 

With a little bit of glue and a certain amount of patience, you will have your own incredible version - that will instantly become a center piece to any room.  

Image: Design Sponge

Materials needed:

1. 100 - 125 standard cupcake liners
2. 100 - 125 striped petit fours papers (found here)
3. A paper lantern
4. Hot Glue Gun

Image: Design Sponge


1. Assemble the pendant lamp and place it in a shallow bowl to keep steady.

2. Put a small dot of glue on the backside of a white cupcake liner. Starting about 1/2" in from the wire ring at the top, place the liner on the lantern and press until attached.

3. Continue around the ring, spacing the papers so that the circular bases are approximately 1" apart, allowing the outer edges to merge and shape.

Image: Design Sponge

                                               Image: Design Sponge         

4. Apply the cupcake papers around the lantern in rings until you are 3/4 of the way down, and then flip the lantern over and gently place it back in the bowl, top side down.

5. Complete the underside, and fill in the bottom so that the papers cover the base opening.

6. Begin applying the petit fours papers, centering them inside each white paper. 3/4 of the way up the lantern, flip it top side up. Complete the top side.

Image: Design Sponge

7. Go back through, gently manipulating the outer papers to the desired shape.

8. Pop it on your ceiling light!

Image: Design Sponge

Image: Design Sponge



  1. Wonderful, thanks. Do you know if it's safe to use another type of glue. I don't have a glue gun and on a tighter budget! thanks

    1. You might be able to use a quick drying glue like superglue but you could probably pick up a glue gun for under 5 dollars. Try here -


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