Jun 7, 2012

Cable Spool Table Project

Image: Halligan Smith
Step 1.
To build this amazing table, designed by Halligan Smith and made from a repurposed wooden cable spool, you should search a salvage yard for the spool.
You’ll also need at least 12 three-quarter-inch-thick wooden dowels that measure as tall as the spool when it’s lying flat on either wheel.

Step 2. 
Lay the spool on one of its wheels, then use a ruler to measure the distance from the top of the top wheel to the top of the bottom wheel. Use a handsaw to cut the dowels to this size, then sand the spool and dowels.

Step 3. 
Measure the distance from one wheel’s outer edge to the spool’s core. Divide that number in half.

Step 4.
Beginning at the outer edge of the top of the top wheel, measure in the distance computed in Step Three. Mark with a pencil. Repeat around the spool’s circumference, spacing marks an equal distance apart.

Step 5.
At each mark, drill all the way through the top wheel, using a three-quarter-inch spade bit. Then, with a hammer, drive a dowel into each hole, until the dowel’s bottom is secured against the bottom wheel. Paint spool and dowels, if desired; let dry.

Step 6. Evenly space three casters (which you can pick up from any DIY store) in a triangle pattern atop the top wheel, placing each caster about an inch in from the edge, and drill into place. Flip the spool over and you’re ready to roll.

 Of course you can always try the no fuss approach. 
Image: Scraphacker

Image: Scraphacker
Image: Scraphacker


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