Jun 21, 2012

Starburst Clock Project

So today is the longest day of the year.
And it's raining...again.

They say this is the longest day of the year but I think you'll find it's pretty much exactly the same length of time as every other day in the year. The only difference is - from tomorrow, we start the countdown to winter, which judging by this weather should hit around the middle of next week.

If you had wonderful plans for today, maybe heading out to the beach, or possibly a picnic in the park and now you find yourself stuck in doors staring at the clock or staring at a place where there should be a clock, fear not. I can solve those two problems. Right here. Right now.

Starburst Clocks are enjoying a bit of a comeback in the world of Interior Design.
Image: Patent Pending Projects

Now you can design and make your own version.

All you really need is a clock mechanism and your imagination. In some cases you might even be able to use a pieces of recycled items such as chopsticks, bottle caps, coffee stir sticks, junk mail or even a CD.

Just click on the link below each picture to find tutorials for each clock.

For some George Nelson inspired clocks try these.

Image: Make Projects
Image: Curbly
Image: Apartment Therapy

For clocks with more of a recycling feel, try these.
 Image: Happiness is...
Image: Naughty Secretary Club
Image: green your decor
Image: candid d
Image: Freckled Nest

But what if the sun does come out?

What if you get the chance to still go on that extravagantly planned picnic?

If you find yourself dining al fresco today, make sure you hold on to your disposable forks and spoons.
They might just come in handy tomorrow, when it's raining....on the second longest day in the year.

Image: instructables


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