Jun 18, 2012

Personalised Mug Project

Why does tea and coffee always taste better out of your favourite mug?

Drinking tea or coffee is often a very ritualistic exercise and people become quiet addicted to the way they make it. Black, no sugar. Weak, lots of milk. Honey instead of sugar. Herbal, decaf and never instant - only filter. Whichever way you make it, you genuinely think it tastes better out of a particular cup.

So why not have the perfect cup?

Image: Lemonade Makin' Mamma

All you need is some plain white cups and a porcelain pen which you can buy here for a few euro.
Image: Lemonade Makin' Mamma

Image: Lemonade Makin' Mamma

Just draw or write your desired image (you can wipe it clean if you're not happy with the first attempt).

Let the mugs sit for 24 hours. Then place them in an oven at 300 degrees and bake for 35 minutes.

Once they are done, let them cool and they should be dishwasher safe.

There are a some more ideas and tips to be found over at Design Mom where you can create your very own Monogrammed Mugs
Image: Design Mom

Or how about a full infusion of tea and art?

Image: Poppytalk

So pick up a porcelain pen, put your thinking cap on and get scribbling.



  1. Nice tips dude thanks for sharing your informative think. its a easy way of convey your message and also use as a promotional tool.
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  2. Cheers John, sometimes it's the simple ideas that work best.
    You have a great site though, for promotional mugs.
    If my staff grows to more than one (basically me) I know where to come.

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