Jan 24, 2011

Spice Rack Project

A few weeks ago we started our son on solid foods. It was a very exciting time for us as our "little boy" was not so little any more.

Ok - he is still pretty little, but in our mind he's growing up too quickly.

Anyway, this is not the place to go into all that.
It's not the place to discuss the incredible look of surprise on his face at the new taste explosion in his mouth and it's not the place to discuss the absolute disaster when disgusted at the food put in front of him his only reaction was to hurl it to towards any and all available surfaces.

No, this is not that place.

This is the place, a fortnight later, that he has worked his way through carrot, cauliflower, parsnip, sweet potato & courgette and about half a dozen little jars of baby food.

This is in fact the place where those empty, half a dozen, baby food jars sit on my kitchen counter waiting to end up in the glass recycling bin.

Image: Patent Pending Projects

Until I saw this.

Which can be found at Elle Decor (Thailand)

This is now the place where I will try out these ideas that I find on the Internet and in books.

I've given myself a time limit to do this. I need to have this made before I do the next run to the recycling depot, otherwise they will go in with the rest of the glass bottles and jars.

I'll update this post next week with details. So if you want to know about the materials that I'm going to use, how long it takes and how easy it was on a scale of 1-5 for this and other future projects, well this is now THAT place.

Click here for the update.

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