Jan 13, 2014

Cable Storage Project

Image: Our Thrifty Ideas
People who set goals for the new year are no way happier than people who don't set goals for the new year. In fact, I'd go as far to say that they are probably less happier than the people who don't set any goals at all.

Lets look at it this way.

Most people who make new years resolutions are looking to either lose weight, exercise more, sort out their financial debt, have a more rewarding job, eat more healthy foods, smoke less cigarettes (or possibly quit), stop procrastinating, be more active, get things done, stress less about smaller things or simply...make more time for themselves to enjoy those smaller (and possibly do bigger) things.

At least 50% of us will fail and in a way, we set ourselves up to fail. The first time we break the resolution we feel weak and therefore feel like a failure. The trick is to fail but not give up entirely.

I want to lose weight and exercise more. (All I can do is try)
I want to get out of financial debt and have a more rewarding job (Who doesn't want that?)
I want to smoke less cigarettes, or quit (again) entirely (Tough, but past experience says not impossible!!)
I want to stop procrastinating and be more active (This is my first post since October, so this is a start)
I want to stress less about the small stuff and enjoy what might lay ahead (Simple)

So, no goals for me. In fact, I'm going to call them 'non-goals', but I am going to try new things and I'm bound to fail trying but I'll keep at it until I am happy one way or the other.

Right now though, what will really make me happy, is if I can just sort out my cable drawer.

Which looks a lot like this when trying to find that weird USB cable that only works with my old camera.
Image: Peter S. Kastner
Now, most people would say (and when I say 'most people' I'm mean my wife) - that I'm probably better off throwing out most of my cables - but my feeling is, there's always going to be that one occasions when you're going to need that old mobile phone charger. And then where will you be?
(A hoarders dying words if I ever heard them)

So, by using some empty kitchen roll or toilet roll holders to store your cables, you are actually doing a small bit for recycling and managing to organize a small part of your chaotic 21st Century life.

Image: Instructables
If you want to 'pretty' them up or pop labels on them to remind you of which cable goes with which device - cover them in decorative paper and/or write on them.

Image: Organizer & Decorate Everything

Image: Darkroom and Dearly
So, now that I know what my first 'non-goal' of 2014 is, I have one final thought on the subject of new years resolutions. I know it's going to be tough doing or trying new things or cutting out old things that I like (and know are bad for me) but I'm reminded of the old question "How do you eat a whole Whale?"

One bite at a time.

Perhaps that's not such a great example if I'm planning on losing some weight!


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