Jan 31, 2013

Instagram Photo Cube Project

Image: Well It's Okay
I've mentioned before that my mother seems to be the only person I know who still prints out photos. What I find even more amazing is, she prints them all from her phone. I haven't printed a photo from my own camera in about 2 years, let alone one from my phone.

All I seem to do now is back them up on to a hard drive whilst foolishly muttering something to myself about 'needing to sort them out.' As Travis Bickle would say, "One of these days I'm gonna get organizized"

With more and more of us using apps like Instagram, the days of sitting around with family, an old biscuit tin full of photos on our lap and laughing about ludicrous hairstyles and dodgy dress sense, has gone and been quickly replaced with crowds of us huddled around one tiny iPhone, all trying to get a glimpse of a pic before it's unceremoniously whipped across a screen to the next entry. At least with photos, you could pass them along and everyone would get a look in.

Some favourites do get chosen and we decide to pop them up on Facebook and Twitter and other social network sites, so why not have a little reminder on your desk or shelf at home?

Here's a really simple idea from Well It's Okay which shows you how to turn some of your favourite Instagram photos into a great looking photo cube.

Image: Well It's Okay
You can find all the materials you will need at any arts & crafts shop
1. Wood Cubes
2. Spray Adhesive 
3. Printed Instagram Photos
4. Craft Knife
5. Cutting Mat

Image: Well It's Okay
Spray an even layer of adhesive on one side of the block. Spray a light layer onto your first picture and then stick onto the block. Keep in mind what parts of your picture you want to show as you're probably going to have to trim it down. Use the craft knife to trim off the excess. Then repeat for all 6 sides.

Image: Well It's Okay
There you have it. It's also a great gift idea for anniversaries, birthdays or valentines day.

I feel like I need to mention the fact that I'm not giving out about technology and how it has changed us. I'm not some old grumpy luddite who bangs on constantly with "in the old days...we didn't have...such and such."

I actually think it's amazing what is possible these days and I'm completely blown away by the fact that my 2 and a half year old son can navigate my iPhone, straight to his Thomas the Tank app and play some educational games and puzzles.  

To be fair, back in the day when all we did have was photos, some of us really didn't care to sit through 200+ photos of 'your amazing Summer in Magaluf' and not every one wants to see 40 odd pictures of what you had for breakfast, lunch or dinner - which is one major plus with photos on the iPhone. Whilst everyone is huddled around trying figure out exactly what it is they are suppose to be looking at in your dark and blurry photos from inside a sweaty nightclub, nobody will even notice if you decide to slink off. 

Now, that's something you couldn't have done in Gran's house when she pulled out a torn and crumpled envelope bursting full of pictures of your second cousin Laurence who use to  play mean tricks on you.

All you could do was go and hide in the kitchen, banging cabinet doors and pretend you were looking for more chocolate biscuits until the photos went back in the tin.    


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