Jan 3, 2013

Teapot Birds Nest Project

Image: The Eden Project
There's a common idea that there is no trouble so great or grave, that cannot be diminished with a nice cup of tea. It will warm you if you are cold, cool you if you are hot, cheer you up when feeling down and if you are excited or nervous, it will calm you.

A teapot then, can represent at the same time, the comforts of solitude and the pleasures of company.

When your teapot comes to the end of it's life, as ours did this Christmas, there are a number of ways in which you can repurpose it and give it new life.

The most obvious idea is plant pots.

Image: Red Online
Which is also a great idea for those chipped and broken cups

Image: Homedit
But my favourite idea, and somewhat inspired from one of my sons favourite books - The Robot and the Bluebird - which tells the story of a robot with a broken heart, wasting away on a scrap heap.

One winter’s day a migrating bluebird lands on his shoulder, too exhausted to go further. 

“Let me carry you,” said the Robot. “I’ll carry you in my heart, and shelter you from the cold and storms.”

The bird’s companionship stirs up the robot’s last glimmer of energy and he carries her across snowy wastes to the warm south, whereupon his strength finally dies out.

There he stands today like an old hollow tree, home to dozens of singing birds.

Image: The Robot and The Bluebird

What better way to start the new year and herald in the spring than by making a home in your garden.

Jump over to KV Creative Designs for a wonderfully simple tutorial to turn a teapot into a nest. It also uses the lid as a small feeder in front.

Image: KV Creative Designs
Image: KV Creative Designs

Upon entering any home, you can be guaranteed that within the first minute, an offer of tea will be made. Such a small gesture of warmth and kindness should surely extend to the garden?


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