Jan 10, 2013

Milk Carton Row Boat Project

Image: Lilla A
Everything that is made has a life cycle.

The life cycle of a milk carton begins with a tree. That tree is harvested for wood which is turned into paper. That paper is made into a carton and filled with milk. The milk is brought to a shop where we buy it, empty it out our morning cereal and then the carton is tossed into the bin. Of course that should be a recycling bin, but still.... a somewhat unceremonious end to a serenely grand beginning.

So before you go and drop it into the bin, why not try your hand at some great kids crafts using empty milk cartons.

A quick search on Google brings up 100's of great ideas such as bird feeders and planters to toy houses to dumper trucks.
Image: Google
But my favourite one comes from Artists Helping Children.

How to make a Milk Carton Row Boat.

Image: AHC crafts

All you will need is:
2 Milk Cartons
Pen or Pencil

STEP 1                                                                                    
Image: AHC crafts

Image: AHC crafts
Image: AHC crafts
Image: AHC crafts

Image: AHC crafts
Image: AHC crafts
Image: AHC crafts

Image: AHC crafts

Image: AHC crafts

Image: AHC crafts

There you have it. You can use it in the pool, bath tub or any body of water and the thing about milk cartons is, their waxy surface makes them completely water proof…. so they perfect for the water.

As for it's life cycle in the hands of a child, well..............that's anyone's guess!



  1. Hi Martin,
    What a beautiful idea! Definately on my 'to do' list to occupy the toddlers on a wintery afternoon!

    1. Hi Helen,
      I'm always looking for ideas to keep my son entertained on those 'rainy' day. Any 2 year old needs to get outside as much as possible, so sometimes it's good to have a few good ideas to quell the storm - both inside and out!

      I had a quick peek at your blog. Really lovely stuff. I love the Birthday T-Shirts. I tried that once with a baby grow, a photo of Darth Vader, and the quote "Have you seen my dark side?"

      I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog.

  2. Love this just blogged about it - http://cimmermann.co.uk/blog/half-term-crafty-design-projects-kids/ hope you like it!!!

    1. Thanks. You have a great site and I love your blog too. Some wonderful ideas.
      Gotta love those Cardboard crafts!

      Thanks for the mention.

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