May 16, 2013

Ikea Rast Cabinet Hack Project

Image: Patent Pending Projects
Most of us know that IKEA is a great place for furniture that is easy to assemble, it's affordable and it can fit a lot of shapes and spaces but there is a community of people who take it one step further.  IKEA hackers use incredibly simple ideas to modify, repurpose and customize IKEA furniture and give it a personal twist to turn a mass produced item into something that's one of a kind.

The IKEA Rast, which is made from solid wood but is only available in a natural pine finish, lends itself to an Ikea hack. It's basically a blank canvas and it's only 25euro.

Image: IKEA
Below are some links to some really great tutorials.

If you would like to opt for the industrial look, you will need some stainless steel label pulls and a black gloss paint, which you will need to apply two coats. - For a full tutorial head over to refreshdesigns.

Image: refreshdesigns
If you prefer a splash of colour, then For Chic Sake shows you how to transform your IKEA Rast into a campaign style cabinet with the aid of some high gloss sugar plum paint, campaign-style drawer pulls and 2’’ brass flat corners.
Image: For Chic Sake
If Sugar Plum is not your colour - try a greyish blue for a more office feel.
Full tutorial over at Almost Makes Perfect
Image: Almost Makes Perfect
To turn your Rast chest into a bedside table or nightstand there are just a full simple steps. Apply two coats of primer. Then apply two or three coats of paint in the color of your choice. Add some drawer pulls, which can be easily found in any DIY superstore, and you're done. Armelle Blog has some great tips to achieve a smooth finish with your paint. 
Image: Armelle Blog
If that last one was a bit plain for your taste, then you can glam it up a bit with a marble floor tile, antique drawer handles and nailhead trim.  To create this look, head over to The Abundant Abode for a detailed tutorial.
Image: The Abundant Abode
Finally, if you are feeling very adventurous and have a basic knowledge of woodworking, the very website that inspires most of these modifications, has a couple of ideas to combine 2 cabinets and turn them into a sideboard. You will need some extra wood to connect the two cabinets along with wood stain and your choice of paint. A full list of materials can be found over at IKEA Hackers

Image: IKEA Hackers
Another idea to combine 2 Rast cabinets appears on today's IKEA Hackers main page.
This tutorial is courtesy of Kata, from Hungarian website KICSIHÁZ (which means little house). It requires a slightly higher level of woodworking skills but if you relish a challenge...this might be for you.

With the exception of that last tutorial, most IKEA Hacks are simple to accomplish and with some great websites like IKEA Hackers, highlighting simple clever ideas, you can turn a cheap, pre-made piece of furniture into something perfect for your needs, and save you the time and energy searching for that 'perfect little something' that's different from all the mass produced furniture that seems to be invading our homes.

IKEA are even getting in on the trend by posting this idea for an industrial style cabinet on their own blog.

Image: Livet Hemma


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