Feb 13, 2012

Last Minute Valentine's Day Printables

Ok, It's Valentine's Day tomorrow.

You haven't taken my previous advice and gone for the simple option and now you are almost out of time and in a panic as to what to do.

There's still time though. LOVE vs DESIGN have kindly provided a free printable Valentine's card and some fun coupons. They've even designed them so that you can fill them out yourself and added an expiration date and terms & conditions.....just in case.

To download them, follow the instructions below these images.


Step 1: Go to the The Printable Templates Page page
Step 2: Click on 'Download the free template here' link
Step 3: Print, cut and fold your cards and coupons together. For your envelope liners use some glue.
The pattern can be printed on the backside of the coupons or as an envelope liner.

If that wasn't enough, ISharePrintables have over 90 FREE Valentine Printables.

Image: howdoesshe
Here is the link to all of the Printables.

Now, If none of this takes your fancy and you'd much prefer to steer well clear of anything 'Valentines' then I suggest you go sit in the corner, sip on some bourbon and have a listen to a little bit of this.

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