Feb 16, 2012

Doodle Duvet Project

Image: A Thousand Words

Last weekend I paid a visit to The Old Cinema on Chiswick High Road in London. A shop devoted to selling antique, vintage, retro, industrial and upcycled furniture. I could have spent hours (and every penny I have) browsing their amazing unique collection.

Some people may feel the same way about IKEA (and that's ok*)

The great thing about IKEA is that it provides a user friendly 'identikit' for home decor which is also it's greatest weakness. When choosing a rug, bedspread or curtains, you constantly run the risk of ending up in someone else's home, confused it's not your home, as everything appears almost identical in every way to yours.
Top tip - a quick scan of the reading material on the billy bookcase will usually reveal your true surroundings.

That is why, when I saw this idea, I felt a comfortable nudge back into the 'one of a kind' shaped world I live in. This idea for a doodle covered duvet comes from Jen Morris over at A Thousand Words

Image: A Thousand Words

You can have a look at how Jen created this Duvet over on her website here.

All you need are some doodles (she used some of her sons drawings) which she took photographs of and then using photoshop, she removed the colour so that all she was left with were simple black and white images. If creating your own you can just simply sketch them with a black pen.

Image: A Thousand Words

Once she had a simple drawing, Jen scaled the images up in size and printed them onto A4 sheets, ready to trace onto her blank white duvet with a felt tip fabric marker

Image: A Thousand Words

Start with your first image under the duvet and begin tracing.

Image: A Thousand Words

Repeat this process for all of your doodles and pretty soon ('soon' being a few hours) you will have a truly unique, one of a kind duvet cover.

Image: A Thousand Words

 (*I have actually wandered aimlessly around the winding paths of my local IKEA for hours and I'll admit here that I've never come out empty handed - but I will say this, I always go against the arrows!)


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