Jan 16, 2012

Newspaper Recycling Bin Project

Image: Martha Stewart
Following on from last weeks 'must get organised' post, I found this other idea over on the Martha Stewart website.

One of my pet hates is dumping all paper/cardboard and all things packaging into the large green recycling bin outside the front of my house. I know it's all going to the same place and it all gets recycled but it fills up so fast its normally overflowing by the time it's ready to be picked up.

The only solution to this problem, as I see it, is to stack the newspapers (which normally take up half the capacity of the bin) into an area, much like our bottles and glass jars, that get taken to the recycling centre every couple of weeks.

The only problem to this solution, as I see it, is my wife would go crazy if I was started stacking old newspapers in random places around the house, for fear I would become much like that man who hoarded everything who was on TV last month.

So this seems like a nice compromise. An easy-to-make bin, ideal for holding old newspapers between trips to the recycling centre. Just choose a paint color to complement your decor and add some twine to make bundling papers a breeze.

Materials you will need:
Wooden crate
4 screw eyes
4 cleats (2-inch)

1. Paint wooden crate, and let dry.
2. Attach screw eyes, centered, to the top edge of each side.
3. Attach cleats, centered, to the exterior of each side.
4. Before filling the bin with newspapers, run lengths of twine loosely between each pair of opposing screws eyes, and wrap loose ends around cleats.

So there it is. A neatly stacked pile of old newspapers ready to be tied up and disposed of next time you take a trip to the recycling centre. In addition, you might need to dip into this stack as you find a few ideas amongst these pages which may call for some of your old newspapers to be used, saving you a messy expedition into your large green recycling bin filling up outside the front of your house.

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