May 25, 2011

Synchronicity Project

Image: Jim Linwood

Do you believe in Synchronicity?

Let me come back to that. I need to explain how I got there.

A few days ago my wife told me on May 24th Bob Dylan was turning 70. "Fantastic", I thought.
Not really for the fact that the man was still with us, but for the fact that here's something topical I could write about?

Until I looked up Bob Dylan & Recycling.

This is all I came up with.Which seems like a waste of a  perfectly good record and not the "perfect gift for any music lover" or so claims Broken Record. I think the perfect gift for any music lover is, well.... music!

Image: Broken Record

And so I had hit a metaphorical brick wall.
I had gone the wrong way down a one-way information superhighway.
An ethernet cul-de-sac if you like.

Until fate stepped through the front door in the shape of my wife, home from work.

Freeing me up from paternal babysitting duties I went for a drive to have a think. Driving about I noticed a bunch of wooden pallettes set to be thrown out. My mind raced back to this post. An idea for making chairs from scrap wood and easily adapted for pallets.

Image: sixty one A

Thankfully I had an old towel in the boot and I used that to wipe down the grubby and dusty palette before putting it in my car. The towel was one of those huge beach towels with a palm tree and glowing sunset and I've always thought that was a bad design with regard to Irish people and sunbathing. As a nation, when abroad, we normally stay in the sun so long it's very probable that we will get sunstroke and then run the risk of mistaking an actual palm tree for our lovely soft beach towel. Ultimately knocking ourselves out by repeatedly trying to lie down against said palm tree all the while wondering why the printed glowing sun is rapidly disappearing off our once soft but now mysteriously hard bark-like towel.

But I digress. Stay with me now. This is where the synchronicity comes in.

I got to thinking about all the different types of towels we have.
The bath towel, a tea towel, a face towel and hand towel, the beach towel, a foot towel for getting out of the shower, guest towels that only come out on special occasions and on and on and on.....

So there it is I thought. Finally an idea. Recycle old towels. Must be something on the internet about that.

And guess what folks. Believe it or not. Today. May 25th is Towel Day.
Hows that for synchronicity?

Image: Kreg.steppe

Towel Day is a celebration of Douglas Adams and as a tribute fans of the man and his work carry a towel with them at all times during this day.

Now, if necessity is the Mother of Invention then surely Synchronicity is the Father of Digression.

If none of this is very important to you then, ok.
If all you want is some tips to recycle some old towels then jump over to TipNut where there is over 20 ideas like this one here.

Spa Slippers

Image: Craftynest

If you are looking for something else I shall just leave you with a quote from Douglas Adams himself and I think it sums up this post.

"I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be"

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