May 6, 2011

Calender of the Month Project

                                                                From Flat to Flight

When we were children we were constantly questioned with, "If everyone was to jump off a bridge, would you?"

But now as an adult, to be slightly different, seems to be in breach of social norms and now we are met with, "Hey, everyone is jumping off the bridge, why aren't you?"

This is kind of how I feel about Twitter.

Steve Martin recently Tweeted "Twitter over capacity! Couldn’t Tweet for 30 minutes. Forced to tell doorman that I had Cream of Wheat for breakfast. Not the same."

A clear and reasonable point, don't you think?

Of course I'm not totally hostile towards Twitter. I have been known to read a few funny tweets from time to time and I thank the hardworkingwhoevertheyare people who edit down all those numerous ramblings and present them to us in some sort of Top 10 list that's palatable and quick to read. Perfect for that 4 o'clock slump.

One such tweet came from Tom Hanks.
In an obvious jab at all these movies being shot and/or released in 3D, Hanks has said this about his new Film,
"Thinking to shoot Larry Crowne not in 3D, but 6D. May go all the way to 7- or 8D. Stand by."

Which neatly edges me towards my next point. This whole 3D revival.
I'm going to say it here now and I want to be very clear.
I don't like 3D movies. I will not buy a 3D TV and I'll never wear 3D glasses.

The closest I want to come to 3D are these incredible printable 3D calenders and I can't believe I've only found them now when we are almost half way through the year.

Released free every month by The Curiosity Group, all you need is a pair of scissors, some craft glue and nimble fingers!

Last month was a paper toy record player.

If you would still like it you can download the pdf here.

And what about March's 3D umbrella Calender.

Here's May's 3D Tiki Calender

To complete the set click here for January's Yeti

and here for February's Groundhog Calender.

And if you'd love to have that Elephant in the video at the top of this post The Curiosity Group have been kind enough to supply a pdf for that as well here.



  1. oh martin, these are fantastic, printing may out now for desk! also Im 100% with you on 3d movies - the one I did see (avatar) made my eyes hurt.

  2. Great post. Particularly the Steve Martin tweet. The calendars are fab too!

  3. Thanks so much, Steve Martin is hilarious.

    I had the wrong link for the February calender but it's fixed now.I just wished I'd seen these back in January.

    On another 3D note, I did make my own 3D glasses once out of an old pair of cheap Buddy Holly type sunglasses, some acetate and a blue and red marker! The pain they caused may have added to my distrust of the films. That and the fact the film was JAWS 3D.


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