Apr 28, 2011

Bathroom Shelf Project

Image: Casa Com Decoração

Have you ever found yourself thinking "God damn, I've just got so many chairs in my life right now but what I really need is a good bathroom shelf" ?

Well this just might be the post for you!

Here's a really clever idea to turn an old ladder back chair into a bathroom shelf.

Ladder-back chair
4 Anchor Screws and 4 regular 2 inch screws (which you can get in any DIY store)
Old Tap handles (you could probably find on eBay for a few quid)
Piece of wood that's the width of the chair and about 3 to 4 inches wide.

Step 1: Cut off the legs and about 2/3rds of the seat.

Step 2: Attach the piece of wood, using the regular screws, to what will be the back of the top of your shelf
This will give more surface area when attaching the shelf to the wall.

Step 3. Drill a hole at either end of the front of the top of your shelf for the taps. Drop the taps into the holes securing them in place with superglue.

Step 4. Paint your chair, shelf and taps.

Step 5. Finally attach the chair to the wall. To do this drill 4 holes in the wood that will be facing/attached to the wall. Line the shelf up against the wall and using these 4 holes as a guide, mark the wall. Sink the anchors into the wall. Line up the shelf and sink the screws through the wood attached to the chair and into the anchors.

That's it. Now you have an upside down chair as a shelf.

But don't worry, if you start feeling like everything is getting a bit topsy turvy at least you might be able to give this a try.


  1. That Astaire was one mad dancin' fool ... brilliant ...

    Tim delangerville

  2. Do you think that's where Lionel Richie got his idea for this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OdQDXs75Ulo


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