Apr 27, 2011

Eat only Irish for a Week Project

Is it possible to eat only Irish produced food for one week?

Well, that's the challenge Brendan Allen from Castlemine Farm has put to the people of Ireland.

Starting with an innocent comment on Twitter, Brendan asked if it  was possible to live on just Irish produce. A response came back with a challenge. Why not try it for a week?

But what is the reality of that?

No rice, no pasta, no curries!

Pizza maybe, but the flour, tomatoes and garlic would have to be Irish and is it possible to get Irish anchovies?

Would chocolate biscuits be allowed? And what about Tea?

How hard can that be?

The Rules are this:
7 Days x 3 meals per day plus snacks and treats.
That's 21 different meals.

Starting May 9th until May 15th, Brendan will be eating ONLY Irish produce for the week. He has chalked up a large group of followers worldwide through Twitter and he will be posting his progress on the website Eat Only Irish.

As part of the support for Brendan some Irish food producers and well known Restaurants will be offering special offers to participants in the challenge so check out the website and see if there are any in your town.

If you would like to join Brendan click here or if you want to just show some support and suggest a few recipes for him to try using only Irish produce click here.

I'll leave you with a few words from Brendan.

"And while we have a bit of fun let's get a debate going about what Irish food actually is and how it should be labeled. Let's discuss what supporting local farmers and producers actually means. Do we really want local food, or do we just want good food? And if the food is good shouldn't it be exported as well?"

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