Dec 12, 2011

Christmas (Origami) Tree Project

Image: arraddia

It's that time of year again.

The old dusty box of glitter baubles, angels, tinsel, snow globes, Christmas lights and reindeer come out of hibernation when everything else seems to be going in to hibernation.

Sometimes the festive cheer inside the home inevitably spills outside the home and onto the front of your house. We don't go overboard in this house but walking around my local area you would be forgiven for thinking you had moved to Las Vegas when seeing the blinking, flashing, glowing lights on neighbours homes.

The one thing that we all have in common though is having a Christmas Tree.

Now some of you might think I don't have the space for a Christmas Tree, I don't need the mess of a Christmas Tree or I won't be around for all of Christmas so what's the point in having a Christmas Tree?

Well here is your solution.

An Origami Christmas Tree that won't take up too much space, make a mess with falling pine needles and buckets of water or feel all alone sitting on it's lonesome in your empty house/apt while you are out gatecrashing every Christmas party to be found.

Brought to you by Francesco Guarnieri at Happy Folding.

So now you have no excuse to get into the Christmas spirit.

Just don't go and make your home look like a casino.

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