Nov 24, 2011

Film Candle Holder Project

Image: photojojo

A few weeks ago I posted an article on mini polaroid magnets. This was for the people who don't normally print their digital photos.

This post is for those of us who use to bring our roll of film to the chemist and get them developed. Sometimes not knowing if any of the photos would turn out. 

When they did come back, and the odd time they were blank, due to some random fault or other, we were also handed the negatives - also blank, just to remind you and flaunt it in your face - you screwed up! 

But this was only sometimes.

The rest of the time, you got back all your photos with the all important negatives in case you ever needed another copy. These negatives always ended up going into some large white envelope and stuffed into the back of some side cabinet, the envelope growing exponentially with each passing  holiday. Probably never seeing the light (even if its red) of a darkroom again. 

So, here is a great way to reuse some of those old negatives. Courtesy of Photojojo.

Image: photojojo

Here's what you will need.

1. Photo negatives (black and white or colour - it doesn't matter)
2. Glass candle holders (or any small jar that would hold a tealight candle)
3. Glue or double sided tape

Step 1. Measure
Use your negatives to measure around your glass holder to see how many frames you will need. 
If it comes up a bit short just add a frame or two from another negative to fully wrap around.

Image: photojojo

Step 2: Glue
Put some glue (the photo below shows the person using glue dots but regular pva or craft glue would work) or use double sided tape on both ends of your negative.
You may only want to use a small bit of adhesive to make it easier to switch around different negatives later. Use more adhesive if you'd like to make it more permanent.  

Image: photojojo

Step 3: Lights
Stick the negatives around the outside of the candle holder. Pop the candle in and that's it.

Image: photojojo

What if you have no photo negatives on hand, or don’t want to risk ruining the photo negatives you do have? 

Fear not! Print out your digital photos - in black and white or colour - on transparencies or on vellum, to fit the candle holders.

Image: photojojo

Go on, do something positive with those negatives!

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