Mar 22, 2012

Newspaper Pot Project

Image: A Heart For Home
It's all doom and gloom really, or that's what the newspapers would have us believe.

This morning there is report that the Banks are going to start charging us for not having enough money.
What's next - a toll for using the footpath outside their door?

Week in week out there is a constant flow of financial mumbo jumbo across the airwaves, through our TV screens and rubbing off on our very fingertips from the daily newspapers. If it's not about bank bailouts, new government plans, bigger bank bailouts, restructuring of finance, yo-yoing interest rates, ginormous bank bailouts, increased unemployment or the astronomical bank bailouts, then it's the usual peppered attempt at bluff nonsense, reporting on the 'green shoots of recovery'.

This little idea though, is the only time you might find 'green shoots' and 'newspapers' in the same sentence.

Image: A Heart For Home

Making pots for seedlings is a great way to recycle newspaper and you save money gardening. These recycled newspaper pots are relatively easy to make and make transplanting seedling to the garden very easy. Making pots this ways removes the need for any tape, glue, string, or staples and results in a sturdy recycled newspaper pot.

Pop over to A Heart For Home for the full tutorial.

They also have a tutorial on making your own seed starter pots from toilet paper or paper towels rolls which you can find here.

Image: A Heart For Home

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