Aug 27, 2012

Homemade Art Supplies Project

Images: Chalk - minieco, Watercolour - Oh My!, Glue - minieco, Clay - Etsy{New York} Street Team

The kids are back in school.

That means your child will need to get pens and pencils and pencil sharpeners and rulers and erasers and pencil cases and folders and copy books and school books and a school bag and a lunch box and a school uniform plus a hundred and one other things, adorned with either Spiderman, Batman, Peppa Pig, Thomas the Tank, The Hulk, Dora the Explorer or Hello Kitty that magically, will somehow make your kid, in their own mind at least, amazingly cool to all of their other classmates, and for you, there is the added bonus of a headache in trying to achieve that impossible task.

The sad truth is - nobody knows what will make your kid amazingly cool to all of their other classmates - except all of their other classmates.

The one thing we do know is that your kid is going to go through a ton of art supplies throughout the school year and with the huge cost of all the above items, along with the possible future therapy sessions for your child, who will no doubt have issues about the fact they were not cool in school, then you may want start saving as much money as you can now.

Here are some simple homemade art supplies that should keep a bit of extra cash in your pocket and give you something to do on those rainy weekends in between school days.

First up is Homemade Chalk.
Image: Minieco
Head over to minieco for an easy and fun tutorial that uses powdered paint, plaster of paris and some recycled toilet roll tubes.

Minieco also have this recipe for Homemade Glue.

Image: minieco

It's a wonderfully natural glue containing just flour, water, sugar and white vinegar. It might take a bit longer to dry but it really works.

Next up is DIY Watercolour Paint.

Image: Oh My!
This recipe uses baking soda and white vinegar so use a large bowl when mixing the ingredients or you might have a messy mini volcano in your kitchen.

Finally, some Baking Soda Clay.

Image: Etsy{New York} Street Team
This recipe is good for small batches, particularly small bowls and candle holders. Check out their other recipe for homemade polymer clay which is a little bit more elastic to work with and dries extremely hard. Both recipes take paint quite well but might need some varnish to seal. Try a non toxic sealant like mod podge or a water based varnish.

Hopefully these simple recipes might help save some much needed cash over the next few months.

As for your child's future therapy sessions. I can save you money right now.
It turns out that it's all your fault.

It always is.


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