Oct 22, 2012

Halloween Lantern Project

Each year, millions of households around the world, carve scary faces into shop bought pumpkins and then place them in their windows and on their doorsteps as part of their Halloween decorations.

From the distinctly traditional...
Image: Woodward Design
Image: Puzzle-Games
....to the minutely intricate...
Image: 1- Bodega / 2 - Martha Stewart / 3 - Design Collector
  ...by way of the downright geeky.

Image: TopTenz

There's no denying though, that pumpkin carving can be a huge waste of food, and you should have a wide variety of pumpkin recipes to choose from to use up all the pumpkin and seeds that are scooped out.
Image: Google
However, lets say you don't like the taste of it and the idea of carving up a pumpkin , making a big mess and throwing out good food, just for a few weeks of festive decorations, seems like a lot of hard work, when actually there are tons of alternatives out there that can help you recycle some everyday household objects and cut down on that needless amount of waste.

You could try simple Tin Can Lanterns by jolly mom.
Image: jolly mom

Glass Jar Jack O' Lantern by She Makes a Home

Image: She Makes a Home

And with a few extra materials you can easily create these Halloween Ghost Lights by Craft Passion

Image: Craft Passion
Image: Craft Passion
It's a wonderful spooky idea and will give your boxed up, packed away Christmas lights an earlier introduction than expected and a purpose other than hugging a tree for two weeks only to be boxed up and shoved in the attic for 50 more weeks.

Now that really would be a waste.


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