Feb 18, 2011

Tap Water Vs Bottled Water Project

We've all had that Bottle Water/Tap Water debate, right?

There's always someone who parrots out the "Have you ever noticed that 'Evian' is 'Naive' backwards."
Well what does that say about 'newogyllab'? or 'civlov'?


Let's move on shall we?

So, we've all been in this situation.
Sitting in a Restaurant. A waiter takes our order and we ask for water for the table.

"Sparkling or Still?" they ask.
"Tap will be fine" we respond.

Now, when exactly did we wise up? It used to be that tap water was no good for us. We only ever wanted bottled water for the table.
- Has the recession forced us to play Russian Roulette with 'dirty old' tap water?
- Have we been conned into thinking bottled water is somehow safer or more convenient?
- When was it that I turned into Carrie from Sex & the City. Asking rhetorical questions as these words appear on a computer screen??

Consider this logic.

Restaurants will still serve you tap water.
If any industry were concerned about the safety of what it is serving, it would be restaurants.

Here's an infographic I found over on EPICR that you may (or may not) find interesting.

I know it's easy to pick up a bottle of water in a shop when you are out and about but water fountains still exist in public places. In fact, Thermos company has sponsored a FREE iPhone App to locate water fountains and encourage refilling water bottles. So iPhone users no longer have an excuse to buy bottled water (Well, in the US or Canada that is - but that's just for the moment - and it's a start. Also, half the people we know are in Canada right now - so no excuses. Get looking)

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