May 31, 2012

Pallet Jack Project

Image: Tres Chere

Why has the Union Jack become such a fashion icon?

Well, because it's iconic.

Fashion designers and now interior designers (across the pond, I might add) have embraced Cool Britannia and emblazoned everything from painted furniture, art prints, clothing, rugs, and pillows with a blast of bold red, white and blue.

Image: Jan Constantine

Image: Style At Home
Before I go any further though, I have to admit something. I'm not a huge fan of this trend and I find the 'Keep Calm and ...(insert not so witty slogan)' style posters particularly annoying.
I do however, have one item in my house that bears the British Flag.

Which I think is quite acceptable for an Irishman.

Ok, back to Jack.

The Queen of England is marking her Diamond Jubilee this year and celebrations reach a peak in early June with a four-day weekend of events, between Saturday 2 and Tuesday 5 June.

2 extra days at the weekend, you say?
Well, those 2 days are just crying out for really simple tutorial to keep my overworked, underpaid hands relatively nice and busy.

And so, courtesy of Tres Chere, here's a design for transforming an old pallet (a trend I do love) into a unique Union Jack coffee table.

Image: Tres Chere
They used chalk to map out the flag and added a color code to use as a guide. Then they painted Red, White and Blue. Once the paint dried, they used an old wash rag to apply a Burnt Umber glaze to give it a more worn look.

Image: Tres Chere
Finally, they install four casters to the bottom of the table and now have a Brit inspired table with more storage for magazines and books.

I do have another question though.

What if Tricolour decor started popping up all over the place?

Kind of a different vibe, isn't it?


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