May 3, 2012

Stencilled Table Project

So it's time to get a new dinner table. Or is it?

Unless your table is on it's last legs, literally and figuratively, then I urge you to consider all possibilities before posting it on Free Trade, abandon it in a skip, or in my case, reclaiming any wood worth saving.

There are lots of tutorials and how-to's when it comes to restoring furniture but this idea is one of the simplest and more effective ways to help revive an old piece of furniture, saving you the need to replace it.

Stencilled Table

Image: Design*Sponge

Here's what you'll need:

1. Sand paper
2. Dust mask
3. White paint (or choose your own colour) - go for a satin finish
4. Stencils. You can buy these or make your own.
5. Masking tape
6. Brushes and/or foam roller
7. Varnish

You can pick up all of these materials at your local DIY store.
If you've never stencilled before, have a look at the 'how-to' videos on this website for a few handy tips.

1. Prepare your table.
If you are painting an unfinished table, sand it down until nice and smooth and if you are using a painted piece make sure that your base coat is nice and fresh and ready to take the stencil.
Your piece should be smooth, clean and dust free.

Image: Design*Sponge
2. Set out your design.
Once you are sure of your placement , use masking tape to securely hold the stencils in place.

Image: Design*Sponge
3. Apply the paint.
Use the brush or foam roller. The most important thing to remember here is to use very little paint to ensure that it will not bleed under the edge of your stencil.

Image: Design*Sponge
4. Check the design.
Gently lift your stencil to view your design. If there are any “issues”, reposition your stencil in the exact same place and add more paint where needed. When you are finished painting in your stencil, gently remove the stencil and let paint dry completely.

Image: Design*Sponge
6. (This is optional) Lightly sand the finished stencil.
Once your stencil is completely dry, very lightly sand with a fine grit sandpaper (150-180) to achieve a smooth look and work it into the wood a bit. Wipe the area clean with a dry cloth.

Image: Design*Sponge
7. Apply varnish.
Apply 2-3 coats of water based varnish using either a foam roller or a brush. If using the foam roller, make sure that you roll very lightly to ensure the smoothest finish.

If it works out well you might be inspired to breath new life into some more worn out furniture.
"Revive don't replace".



  1. Cool! Great clear instructions as always Martin.

  2. Thanks Sarah, it's a great if you just want to spruce up an old table.
    Eileen has been asking me to piant our table for ages. This is going on the list of ideas.

  3. This is nice way to do make old furniture new and trendy. This will save your money and it is nice step to go Eco-friendly.

  4. It's always great finding a new use for an old piece of furniture. Saying that, a new piece of furniture is nice also.
    Thanks for looking in.



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