Jul 9, 2012

Fire Lighter Project

Image: The Telegraph
You might think it's a bit strange for me to suggest a project that involves having to light a fire in July. Then again, it is summer, so obviously I'm thinking about barbeque's. Now you are thinking it's a bit strange because if you were to only look out the window, you're first thought would be - soggy burgers.

It's almost mid July and it's still raining. Not only is it still raining but I'm sure our house is not the only one to have had the "Will we give the heating a quick blast" conversation. The idea of summer is this. You use the money put aside for heating bills and spend it on holidays and ice cream. Simple. We shouldn't have to do both but it looks like this weather is here to stay.

Therefore, if you use an open fire quite regularly during the winter and it looks like it might get some use this summer too, then you know every fire needs a bit of a kick start. Here's 2 great ideas to make your own fire lighters from recyclable material found around the home.

Try Homemade Mama for these fire lighters made from toilet paper tubes, newspapers, dryer lint and some string.
Image: Homemade Mamas

For a more fragrant version, try these herbal fire lighters from Whole Living. These are made from pine cones and dried herbs.
Image: Whole Living
If you find that the rain subsides, just as you've completed your fire lighters, that's okay.

Like most animals preparing for hibernation, you can build up stock reserves for the winter months. Which judging by this weather, should hit some time next week.

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