Jul 23, 2012

Sand Bowl Project

Image: Leetal Rivlin

"Oh, hear this Robert Zimmerman I wrote a song for you  
About a strange young man called Dylan  
With a voice like sand and glue"

These are the opening lines to David Bowie's 1971 song "Song for Bob Dylan" and if you've ever wondered what sand and glue looked like, now is your chance.

Tel Aviv based industrial design student Leetal Rivlin has created these amazing bowls using just sand and glue. The designer used the most common sand, generous diluting it with glue and then allowing the viscous liquid to drip and harden into the form of a bowl container.

Image: Leetal Rivlin
Some of us collect stones and shells from beaches as souvenirs when we travel, as reminders of wonderful holidays and days out. Now you can bring home the sand as well.


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